5 non-obvious signs of a dental emergency from our dentist in Putney


If you were to ask 100 people what the most common sign of a dental emergency is, 99 of them would say toothache or some other kind of discomfort.

If you notice that you have dental pain, you are more likely to seek out the help of a dental team, even if you aren’t too keen on attending dental checkups. However, there is something of a misconception in the public eye that a dental emergency has to be uncomfortable, so many people inadvertently may be walking around with a dental emergency in their mouths that is getting worse because they are not seeking treatment.

When you come to see our dentist in Putney, Alexis Zander, with a dental emergency, we will always aim to see you within 24 hours of you contacting us. We will also aim to get you out of any discomfort you are in so you can go about your day without discomfort or distraction.

But what are some non-obvious signs that you may be suffering from a dental emergency? Here, our dentist in Putney describes five.


Swelling in your mouth, on your cheek or under your jaw are all signs that you need to see our emergency dentist in Putney. Swelling is usually linked to a dental abscess, but in other cases, it can be a sign of an impacted tooth or even trauma. Even if the swelling is not causing discomfort, you will still need to have it explored and diagnosed before it starts harming your ability to eat or breathe.


Most people have had a dental bleed at one time or another, usually due to an extracted tooth or blunt force trauma. However, if after 20 minutes of applying clean gauze to the site of the bleeding, the bleeding does not slow down, you really need to see our same-day dental team. We will, of course, aim to stitch the wound and look to diagnose the underlying cause. It would be incredibly rare for a dental bleed of this level to not be associated with a trauma of some kind, but either way, always contact us if you have a persistent bleed from your mouth.

Lost filling or crown

In most cases, lost fillings or crowns are accompanied by dental sensitivity and discomfort of some kind. But even if you have lost a restorative and there is no unpleasant sensation, you still need to seek help. This is because the surrounding tooth can succumb to decay quickly, which can even lead to a dental abscess, which is not something you want to go through! Also, by getting help early, you can give your tooth a better chance of being saved.

Cracked or chipped teeth

Cracks or chips on the teeth are often brushed off, but much like the lost filling or restorative, these can allow bacteria to get under the tooth to the dentin, where decay can set in and spread. This can even cause abscesses to form, so if you have a crack or chip on one of your teeth, make sure you see our team to have it fixed.

Mouth ulcers

Most people have had ulcers in their mouths, usually when they are stressed or unwell. But if you have persistent oral ulcers that are bleeding, look yellow or are larger than a 5-pence piece, you need to see our dental team as soon as possible as you may have oral cancer.