Why choose a dentist for Botox injections?


Ever since its entry into the aesthetics market, Botox in East Sheen continues to be a popular type of treatment that promotes a younger-looking appearance. In today’s image-obsessed world fuelled by selfies and a social media frenzy, looking your best is considered a highly prized personal asset. And it is a youthful appearance that often determines what beauty is.

Seeing as cosmetic enhancements rely heavily on quality treatments and pleasing results, it goes without saying that choosing a well-experienced and professionally trained aesthetics practitioner is of the highest priority. At Alexis Zander, we know well just how important quality results are for showing off a radiant appearance, which is why we focus on safe and effective cosmetic treatments such as Botox in East Sheen.

So many choices abound when it comes to practitioners offering Botox in East Sheen, it can be overwhelming deciding which one to trust. But with their knowledge of facial anatomy, experience and skills, there are a great many reasons to opt to get your Botox injections at the dentist. We take a look at some of these reasons in today’s blog post.

What a dentist brings to your Botox treatment

The first reason a dentist makes the ideal choice is experience. Botox is administered into muscles via a fine needle. Due to the nature of their job, injecting pain-relieving medication into sensitive areas in the mouth, dental practitioners have perfected the art of using fine needles in the facial area. They can administer facial injections effectively without causing damage to the skin.

Next to their experience, is their professional knowledge, dentists are ideally placed to offer facial injections because of their superior knowledge of facial structures. They can pinpoint the exact spot to deliver Botox to, to bring about natural-looking results.

Safety is often overlooked by patients in favour of other factors such as lower cost. With aesthetic treatments, this can be quite a risk. Inexperienced and unqualified aesthetics practitioners can do much harm that will inevitably result in more money being spent on medical treatment. A dental practitioner is a medical professional bound to adhering to safe treatment practices.

What are the key advantages of Botox?

In cosmetic treatments, Botox is highly effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. The active ingredient in the solution injected temporarily weakens the muscles responsible for causing fine lines. After treatment, you can expect a smoother-looking skin.

Another welcome advantage is that, with Botox, there is no need for a surgical procedure to be carried out for a youthful look. The treatment is minimally invasive and can be performed as an outpatient procedure.

As a non-invasive procedure, the need for downtime is reduced. In fact, many patients resume their normal activities after having a Botox injection.

Noticeable results with Botox appear almost immediately. It is usual for patients to see a difference in just a few days. What is more, the results are long lasting too. While much depends on the individual, Botox treatments can last from three to six months.

For safe, natural-looking and optimal results, make a dental practitioner your first choice in Botox practitioner. Give us a call at Alexis Zander to schedule a consultation.