Rejuvenating your natural allure with Botox


As a dentist who has practised for over twenty years Doctor Alexis Zander has developed a profound interest in facial aesthetics. Your face is how you are recognised and as a dentist we know that your face and your teeth are often used to express your emotions. Our philosophy is to allow you to maintain the freshness of your natural facial features using non-surgical treatments. Our focus is ensuring that your teeth and skin exude a natural and healthy beauty.

Visible signs

It is a fact of nature that all of us will age over time and during this process, fine lines will slowly start to appear. These fine lines are the result of the structure of your skin weakening with a loss of elasticity and moisture reducing a firmer feel. We are all different and care for our skin differently, the ageing process will, therefore, vary from patient to patient. Time will cause these fine lines to become wrinkles which will become deeper and more visible. The early signs start to occur and can be seen at the corner of the eyes in what is referred to as crow’s feet. Lines between your eyebrows and at the corners of your mouth are also signs of ageing. Your lips may also start to lose volume making them look thinner.

When does the ageing process start?

Everyone is different, but generally from about the age of twenty-five your skin will start to lose collagen at a rate of about one per cent per annum. The hyaluronic content loss of your skin can result in a mild roughness and dryness of the surface of your skin. Elasticity starts to reduce and along with less production of natural hyaluronic acid those wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear.

A non-surgical solution

As a dentist we are trained in anatomy and have a thorough knowledge of your skin, muscles and bones, especially your face and neck area. We administer injections daily to our patients so we are eminently qualified to deliver facial treatments. We use Botox in East Sheen and we only use a medically approved version which is Botox in East Sheen, type A. Our treatments are delivered securely in our dental surgery by our highly experienced clinician.

How is the treatment delivered?

We will examine you and discuss all the implications of treatment, and encourage you to ask questions so that you can be happy that you have sufficient information to make a decision. Once you have decided to have the Botox in East Sheen treatment we will arrange a suitable appointment time for you. We will identify the areas that you want to be treated and if required we will apply a numbing cream to the relevant area. We use very thin needles to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. To identify the best location for the injections you will be asked to move the muscles in your face. The whole process takes between five and ten minutes, depending on how many areas you want treated.

After treatment

The results of your treatment will usually manifest after about seven to ten days and will endure for about three months.