Our dentist in Putney: giving you a healthy and beautiful smile


Your smile is one of the first things that people usually notice when they meet you. A healthy and beautiful smile can help boost your self-confidence and encourage you to smile more often and more freely, allowing you to be happy and have a more positive outlook on life. A healthy and beautiful smile also encourages better dental health because you will take pride in your teeth and look after them more effectively.

Visit our dentist in Putney on a regular basis to make sure that your teeth remain clean and healthy and that you have no underlying dental issues. Unless you visit our dentist often, dental issues may be difficult to detect until they have progressed and caused irreversible damage. Many issues are asymptomatic, to begin with, so by visiting our dentist in Putney, you can be sure that any dental issues you have are detected at the onset and treated quickly with fewer complications in the future.

Invisalign at our clinic

To help promote good dental health and a beautiful smile, you may wish to speak to our dentist in Putney, Dr Alexis Zander, and find out about Invisalign. Over the last two decades, Invisalign has become one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments across the world. It is used as a discreet and convenient alternative to traditional orthodontic braces for straightening your teeth. Traditional orthodontic braces are highly effective at what they do; however, the majority of adults are reluctant to choose orthodontic braces to address their dental needs. This is because traditional orthodontic braces are highly visible when worn as they consist of metal wires and brackets. In contrast, Invisalign uses clear thermoplastic aligners that can be worn to help straighten teeth. As the name suggests, Invisalign is an almost invisible treatment method.

Invisalign is a great treatment choice for patients of all ages and works well for those who suffer from mild or moderate misalignment issues with their teeth. Invisalign can also be used for those who have undergone orthodontic treatment earlier in their life, or it can be used in combination with other orthodontic treatment options to help achieve a beautiful smile. If you suffer from extensive misalignment issues, then you may begin with traditional orthodontic braces for a short period of time and then move on to using Invisalign aligners to complete the movement of your teeth.

Book a smile assessment and a consultation with Dr Alexis Zander to find out about Invisalign for straightening your teeth. Invisalign works on protruding teeth, crooked teeth, gapped teeth, overlapping teeth and teeth with bite disorders. Invisalign aligners can be individually manufactured to fit your teeth with precision and accuracy, ensuring comfort and excellent predictable results. Treatment times vary from patient to patient and can range from three months to a year. Speak to Dr Alexis Zander today to find out more about Invisalign, or you could leave your details on our website, and we will contact you to discuss your options further.