FAQs about Invisalign answered by our dentist


If you are an adult who has misaligned teeth, you may have considered undergoing orthodontic care to resolve this issue. You will be happy to learn that in the last ten years, concerning orthodontic dental care for adults, there has been a rise in the popularity and use of invisible or clear aligners. These can help to straighten teeth if you have a mild to moderate misalignment. The aligners offer discretion, which is something that the majority of adult dental patients want when they are looking for a way to straighten their teeth.

Alexis Zander, our dentist in Putney, can help patients to get the straighter teeth that they want using Invisalign, if deemed appropriate. We will oversee every part of this procedure, from the initial intraoral scan to the final aligners, helping you with advice and answering all of your questions along the way.

But you may have some questions about this treatment now. In the following FAQ section, our dentist in Putney aims to answer some of the most common questions that we receive about Invisalign aligners.

How does Invisalign work?

As briefly mentioned previously, before Invisalign treatment can begin, an intraoral scan of the inside of your teeth and your mouth will be taken. This will determine the shape of the starting aligner. This scan will be performed by our dentist in Putney. Then, using specialised computer technology, your scan will have the teeth moved digitally, thus predicting the shape that each aligner will be. It will also show which areas there will need to be force applied. From this, a set of custom-fitted aligners will be printed using a 3D scanner. When worn in order, they will straighten your teeth as predicted in the digital model.

How long will it take?

This will depend on the severity of the misalignment being treated and whether you adhere to wearing the aligners for the required 22 hours per day. However, for the average patient using Invisalign, the treatment will take between 3 to 6 months. Making it ideal if you are planning a wedding or a graduation ceremony for which there will be a lot of photos.

Can anyone benefit from it?

Sadly no, not everybody is suitable for treatment with Invisalign. If you have a misalignment that is deemed complex or involves rotating a tooth, or misalignments with your molars, you will be advised in most cases to have treatment with a fitted orthodontic tool like a brace.

At present, no Invisalign model is suitable to be worn by children. So it is a teenage and adult-only orthodontic option.

Is it expensive?

The cost of orthodontic care in adult life can seem excessive, but our team will be able to offer our suitable patients financing options. This can help you spread the cost of your orthodontic treatment into affordable monthly repayments.

Are the results permanent?

Yes, provided that you wear the retainers for the required time, the results of Invisalign are in 99.9% of cases, permanent. But if you notice your teeth reverting after this treatment, and the wearing of a retainer is over, please call our team.